Nasarawa toto(a call for help)

As a young graduating student in Nigeria, my fore aim was to serve my father land through the National Youth Service Corps scheme(NYSC) and Nasarawa state was the place to heed a call of the nation and potentially a call from God for liberation.
After our three weeks camping in keffi(Nasarawa) over 30 corps members were sent into a local environ(toto) with so many remote villages. Our sole intention was to see the place, run home and never come back again, but on my way down to toto I saw the call of God saying “within the light of this world dwells gloomy darkness, therefore; there be a need to instill the light of God”
Evil spirits and demons were all over and in charge of the land, islamic clerics ruling the land have come to a stalemate with these spirits.
Female students, daughters and wives were the primary target of these demons, to the extent that when a girl is attacked she can single handle 7 able men, turn down a school to disorder and elevate the power of darkness.
Nevertheless, God had a count on us to turn the place around. Myself and me fellow corps members did our best, missionaries tried within there territories but today we are not there again….
Please when ever you pass through Nasarawa toto pls don’t fail to proclaim God’s light there.
Mobile recruit team


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