Obanikoro, Maku, Wike resign to run for governor

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Seven ministers are leaving the cabinet to run for
PresidentGoodluck Jonathan led the Federal
Executive Council (FEC) to thank the ministers who
are expected to quit before or on Monday.
Leaving are Labaran Maku (Information), Prof.
Onyebuchi Chukwu (Health), Nyesom Wike (Education)
and Emeka Wogu (Labour).
Others are Minister of State for Trade and
Investment Samuel Ortom, Minister of State for
Defence Musiliu Obanikoro and Minister of State for
Niger Delta Darius Ishaku
The President noted that they had not officially
resigned as they were yet to send their letters of
resignation to the Office of the Secretary to the
Government of the Federation.
According to him, those leaving have up till October
20 to make their intentions known.
He said: “If you are a public officer or you are a civil
servant, if you have to go into an elective office you
have to disengage on or before 20th of this month.
“Going by that, that means that any of our colleagues
who has the interest to contest any level of election
may not be with us the next council day, that is next
“I think people may want to know what is the fate of
XYZ. But I want to make it very clear that as at this
morning, about seven members of council may, and I
use the word ‘may’ because you don’t conclude
anything in politics until… so seven of us may not be
here next Wednesday, if their plans continue.”
Continuing, he said: “But we may not say they are not
with us until they write to us through the secretary of
government. As we are talking, nobody has written
and we have not dropped anybody. People should not
say we have dropped ministers; no. We have not
dropped ministers; they are still ministers of council,
but assuming between now and next council if they
decide to go on with their plans, it is only proper we
wish them well assuming we don’t see them again.
“But if they change their plans, they will continue to
be with us, but after receiving the letters and they
change their minds, it will be too late. So, if they
have to change their minds they have to change their
minds before sending the letter to the secretary of
the government.
“So those that may not be with us next wednesday
are Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, Minister
of Health, Prof. Onyeabuchi Chukwu, Minister of
State Education, Nyesom Wike, Minister of State,
Industry, Trade, Investment, Samuel Ortum, Minister
of State Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro,
Minister of State, Niger Delta Affairs, Dairu Dickson
Ishiaku, Minister of Labour and Productivity, Emeka
Wishing the outgoing ministers well and thanking
them for their service to the nation on behalf of FEC,
the Minister of Power, Chinedu Nebo said: “We
appreciate the service rendered by these our
brothers who have rendered distinguished service to
this cabinet and to our country. They have a strong
call, a notching to serve our nation in other
capacities as core hard politicians. One will say that
they came, they saw, they acquired knowledge and
then want to go out and serve their own people in
their states.”
“They have served very well. They gave us their best.
They stood by you and by us their cabinet members.
They identified with us and with our great leader’s
transformation agenda. And now that they have
decided to become your excellency’s ambassadors in
their various areas, we wish them well. We wish
them the best of God’s guidance and protection.”
Maku, on behalf of the outgoing ministers, expressed
gratitude to the President for giving them the
opportunity to serve.
He said: “This is truly a very difficult and an
emotional moment for me and my colleagues who
are about to take a leap of fate in our lives as
individuals and as officers of state.
“For me and Chukwu and a few others, we have been
here with you for the last four and half years in this
hallowed chambers, going through all the
experiences we have gone through as the leader of
this country so far.”
“Your excellency, we believe in you, we believe in
this country. Under you, this country has undergone
fundamental changes, both in terms of leadership
style, in focus and policy implementation for the
transformation of our country.”
Maku added: “Let me say sir that I mentioned
something here last week when we were discussing
Ebola virus disease conquest by your leadership, that
you may not be appreciated now sir, but don’t worry,
a time is going to come when this country will
celebrate you because from what we have seen, the
experiences we have gone through and the talent you
have shown as a leader, it is very clear that God
brought you purposely to stabilise this country and to
give us a new direction out of a crisis of several
“Your cabinet, maybe apart from First Republic and
Gen. Gowon, no ministers have had this stability of
tenure in this country for a very long time. And
today, this stability is impacting positively in the live
of our country.”
Maku said: “In the first two years or so, you were
maligned but today as result continues to come in
from different sectors because of stability of
leadership, your focus, your vision, the nation is
beginning to read you differently.”
“The last in my opinion which is very important, is
that you have a cosmopolitan approach to leadership
in Nigeria. You have been able to bring together
diverse people from all walks of life, you have
resisted temptations to religious sentiments, resisted
persuations for ethnic or sectional sentiments, you
have remained a unifyer as every leader in a diverse
country should be.
And so we are going out with some of these lessons
which we have learnt quietly from you in the last for
He asked the President to forgive any of the outgoing
ministers who might have offended him.
“But Mr. President in the last four years and know
that in several respects a lot of us would have done
things that you didn’t approve of but because of your
kind of personality, you may not feel like telling us
and you may not never tell us maybe in your
memiors one day if you choose to vouch.”
“But let me say that in any ways we have fell short of
your vision for us, expectations in the execution of
our public duties, we seek your forgiveness,
sincerely. I want to assure you that that would not
have come intentionally for those of us who truly
believe in you.”
“But we know we are human beings we must have
offended you, sir, we seek your forgiveness, your
understanding wherever we have failed you in the
discharge of these duties.”
“One of the difficulties we have had as a government
is that people outside hardly believe in you so if
those of us inside do not believe in you, others are
always attacking you inspite of the things you are
doing. It is my hope and prayer that as we go out that
we will remember that once we have come to this
level of trust, it is expected of us to return home and
do better for you than we are doing now to find
ourselves in the future.”
“Finally, the challenges Mr. President faces, the
challenges of national unity, terrorism, distraction
within the Nigerian federation because of the
dysfunctional nature of ruling class here and
challenges of our divisiveness where we quarrel even
when our nation ought to be together, when we
quarrel even when we have best opportunity to build
a nation. If those challenges were not brought on you
after the 2011 elections, today Nigeria would have
been playing at a very high league with Brazil and

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