Notable Nigerians react(government/B.haram deal)

Several reactions have trailed the news of the
ceasefire agreement between the Boko Haram
sect and the Nigerian government. While some
people see it as a positive development that
would lead to a cessation of the needless blood-
letting in the northern part of the country, others
call for caution and some expressed outright
disbelief. Report Nduka Nwosu in New York and
Bennet Oghifo in Lagos
Human rights lawyer, Festus Keyamo
What is your reaction to the ceasefire agreement
between Federal government and Boko Haram?
Well, it is a welcome development no matter how
you look at it. Whether it is the Federal Government
that initiated the negation or the Boko Haram, either
way it is a welcome development and the reason is
this. Too much innocent lives have been lost. And it
is as a result of that the Federal Government got a
position where they seems to have said that Boko
Haram was an equal or even superior force to its
armed forces. So, it wasn’t a position where Boko
Haram is already holding some hostage in the
Federal Republic of Nigeria.
So, truce is a welcome development even if it is the
Federal Government that initiated the negotiation,
we will encourage the Federal Government to keep
this negotiation alive in order for us to save innocent
lives at least.
But the Boko Haram appears to be on the
They have been on the defensive because that is
what you read from the Nigerian papers and that’s
what you heard from the spokesman of the army. In
a situation of war you should be matured enough to
know that it is the person who propagate more its
position that appear to be winning. But none of us
appear to know the winning position of the ground. If
the Federal Government is actually winning, why did
it have to negotiate with the terrorist group if indeed
they have overrun the terrorists. So, that is the
problem! I think that this a welcome development, I
think the Federal Government was also war weary
and they were looking for a way out of this problem.
And I think this of course, is a position that is even at
course with what the Federal Government had done
in the past when it negotiated with other terrorist
groups in the country.
The guiding principle should be one, the Federal
Government must never negotiate away Nigeria
sovereignty. That is not negotiable, the Nigeria
sovereignty not negotiable. The only thing that is
negotiable is perhaps a prisoners’ swap deal; that is
not bad. But in swapping prisoners the Federal
Government must insist on rehabilitation
programme for those it is swapping for the girls. It
must insist because they cannot release them into
the society without monitoring their progress and
what they are doing. They must insist on that, there
must be caveat to releasing those people.
Chief Richard Akinjide, former Attorney General
of the Federation
It must be respected. If the federal government
agreed to it then it must be to our national interest.
I believe the violence will come to an end with the
Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana
I hope it is genuine ceasefire on the part of the Boko
Haram sect because this is not the first time there
will be a ceasefire between them and the federal
government. There is no basis for celebration “until
we are sure the Boko Haram sect are ready to
actualise the ceasefire.
We are looking forward to the release of the Chibok
girls. The ceasefire will pave room for other
discussions. It is not yet Uhuru.
The President of (NBA), Mr. Austine Aleghe
It is a step taken in the right direction. Anything that
will lead to the cessation of the blood-letting in the
north-eastern part of the country is welcome.
There are many internally displaced people in the
crisis-ridden part of the north who should go back
home to their normal life. If peace is sustained, then
it will be to the greater good of the country.
Constitutional lawyer, Prof. Itse Sagay
The good part is that it promotes the chances of the
Chibok girls being returned to their parents.
However, does this mean that the murderous Boko
Haram sect will not be held accountable for it’s
actions and will they go Scott-free? Because a lot of
innocent people have been killed for nothing.
I don’t blame the federal government for this. We
have been calling for the resolution of the crisis and
this will lead to the release of the Chibok girls. The
fact that the girls will be released will be a balm on
our wounds.
Former Chairman, (NBA), Ikeja branch, Monday
That is a cheering news and a welcome development.
It is good news I must say if it is true. We only hope
there is no more lies from each of the parties in this
endless game.
The country is in dire need of respite and peace. Let
there be peace once again in the land. It is a
cheering news if it is true.
Ahmad Salkida, Tweets:
I guess Nigerians are tired and at (as) such, any news
that offers respite on this protracted war between
Nigeria and BokoHaram is always welcomed.
Sadly anybody that demised (dismisses) such good
news becomes Nigeria’s enemy. But the leadership
of BH are said to be miffed that a nation of the
profile and magnitude of Nigeria, with high level of
intelligent people is being easily encased in deceit
and nobody seems to be asking tough questions.
What is most worrying here is, government at the
highest level and the intelligence formations in
Nigeria has embraced this ‘good news’.
This shows lack of understanding of the reality that
this is an ideology that can only be neutralised after
long hardwork that is yet to start this shows lack of
understanding of d reality that this is an ideology
that can only be neutralised after long hardwork that
is yet to start.
It also appears that government is more interested
in shadows and bubbles, than in substance and clear-
headed engagement with the BH ideology.
May God help Nigeria
An activist, Shehu Sani, Tweets
All my attempts to confirm the ceasefire deal did not
produce any result. My sources are telling me that
they don’t know who that person is. Any statement
that is not coming from the leader of the group
cannot be said to be credible and will not be
complied with by the group members. The leader is
the only person they respect and listen to.
Executive Director, Christian Association of
Nigerian-Americans, Laolu Akande
Is Shekau alive or dead?, I am raising this question
because the BBC said he was at home with the
agreement whereas the Federal Government and its
representatives long ago said the man was dead. We
need to know who we are negotiating with. What is
the confirmation that this deal is real and is coming
from the right quarters?
There is need to make adequate preparations for the
treatment of the victims while also ensuring they
and their relations must be part of the negotiations
to avoid a situation where the victims will get back to
those who tortured them. When an American
prisoner was released by the Taliban a couple of
months ago, he was taken to a specialist hospital
where he underwent a psychological therapy before
going home. The Chibok girls must be exposed to
adequate treatment before being re-integrated into
their families.”
Paschal Mbawuike, Vice President Cohen & Woods
I congratulate President Goodluck Jonathan for this
behind the scene deal; he has distinguished himself
as a deal-maker in secret negotiations, a wise and
skilful man whose security strategy for the nation
will eventually pay-off on a larger scale.
Franklin Ekechukwu, a Maryland coordinator of the
Nigeria First Organisaton and the Goodluck Support
I am glad at the efforts being made by the Goodluck
administration to release the Chibok girls but at what
expense? Will the guilty be released after shedding
so much blood of the innocent?
I am looking at a more meaningful and total
negotiation, and not a stunt designed to win the
Funmi Omosule, who coordinates the Goodluck
Jonathan Leadership Centre in US
I welcome the truce or ceasefire agreement.
Someday the Boko Haram tragedy will be considered
a blessing in disguise in spite of the blood of the
innocent shed by the terrorist organisation. In the
past, the issue of security was treated with kid gloves
but Boko Haram exposed how insecure we have
been as a country, to the extent that any of our
neighbouring countries would have overrun us in the
face of a schism, with the lives that would have been
lost becoming insignificant compared with Boko
Hilda Dunkwu, a lawyer and university teacher
It was a welcome development and good news for
the family of the Chibok girls but is the terrorist
group completely disarming or is only negotiating to
release the Chibok girls? There is need to make the
right decisions and set the right precedent before
coming to the negotiation table. Fighting terrorist
groups with modern warfare tactics is an issue that
makes winning by either group difficult. Israel with
its superior weapons is not winning the war against
terrorist groups, whose guerilla tactics have also
failed to solve its problems. Coming to the
negotiation table to make peace is the answer to the
Source: Thisday live

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