Obanikoro, Maku, Wike resign to run for governor

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Seven ministers are leaving the cabinet to run for
PresidentGoodluck Jonathan led the Federal
Executive Council (FEC) to thank the ministers who
are expected to quit before or on Monday.
Leaving are Labaran Maku (Information), Prof.
Onyebuchi Chukwu (Health), Nyesom Wike (Education)
and Emeka Wogu (Labour).
Others are Minister of State for Trade and
Investment Samuel Ortom, Minister of State for
Defence Musiliu Obanikoro and Minister of State for
Niger Delta Darius Ishaku
The President noted that they had not officially
resigned as they were yet to send their letters of
resignation to the Office of the Secretary to the
Government of the Federation.
According to him, those leaving have up till October
20 to make their intentions known.
He said: “If you are a public officer or you are a civil
servant, if you have to go into an elective office you
have to disengage on or before 20th of this month.
“Going by that, that means that any of our colleagues
who has the interest to contest any level of election
may not be with us the next council day, that is next
“I think people may want to know what is the fate of
XYZ. But I want to make it very clear that as at this
morning, about seven members of council may, and I
use the word ‘may’ because you don’t conclude
anything in politics until… so seven of us may not be
here next Wednesday, if their plans continue.”
Continuing, he said: “But we may not say they are not
with us until they write to us through the secretary of
government. As we are talking, nobody has written
and we have not dropped anybody. People should not
say we have dropped ministers; no. We have not
dropped ministers; they are still ministers of council,
but assuming between now and next council if they
decide to go on with their plans, it is only proper we
wish them well assuming we don’t see them again.
“But if they change their plans, they will continue to
be with us, but after receiving the letters and they
change their minds, it will be too late. So, if they
have to change their minds they have to change their
minds before sending the letter to the secretary of
the government.
“So those that may not be with us next wednesday
are Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, Minister
of Health, Prof. Onyeabuchi Chukwu, Minister of
State Education, Nyesom Wike, Minister of State,
Industry, Trade, Investment, Samuel Ortum, Minister
of State Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro,
Minister of State, Niger Delta Affairs, Dairu Dickson
Ishiaku, Minister of Labour and Productivity, Emeka
Wishing the outgoing ministers well and thanking
them for their service to the nation on behalf of FEC,
the Minister of Power, Chinedu Nebo said: “We
appreciate the service rendered by these our
brothers who have rendered distinguished service to
this cabinet and to our country. They have a strong
call, a notching to serve our nation in other
capacities as core hard politicians. One will say that
they came, they saw, they acquired knowledge and
then want to go out and serve their own people in
their states.”
“They have served very well. They gave us their best.
They stood by you and by us their cabinet members.
They identified with us and with our great leader’s
transformation agenda. And now that they have
decided to become your excellency’s ambassadors in
their various areas, we wish them well. We wish
them the best of God’s guidance and protection.”
Maku, on behalf of the outgoing ministers, expressed
gratitude to the President for giving them the
opportunity to serve.
He said: “This is truly a very difficult and an
emotional moment for me and my colleagues who
are about to take a leap of fate in our lives as
individuals and as officers of state.
“For me and Chukwu and a few others, we have been
here with you for the last four and half years in this
hallowed chambers, going through all the
experiences we have gone through as the leader of
this country so far.”
“Your excellency, we believe in you, we believe in
this country. Under you, this country has undergone
fundamental changes, both in terms of leadership
style, in focus and policy implementation for the
transformation of our country.”
Maku added: “Let me say sir that I mentioned
something here last week when we were discussing
Ebola virus disease conquest by your leadership, that
you may not be appreciated now sir, but don’t worry,
a time is going to come when this country will
celebrate you because from what we have seen, the
experiences we have gone through and the talent you
have shown as a leader, it is very clear that God
brought you purposely to stabilise this country and to
give us a new direction out of a crisis of several
“Your cabinet, maybe apart from First Republic and
Gen. Gowon, no ministers have had this stability of
tenure in this country for a very long time. And
today, this stability is impacting positively in the live
of our country.”
Maku said: “In the first two years or so, you were
maligned but today as result continues to come in
from different sectors because of stability of
leadership, your focus, your vision, the nation is
beginning to read you differently.”
“The last in my opinion which is very important, is
that you have a cosmopolitan approach to leadership
in Nigeria. You have been able to bring together
diverse people from all walks of life, you have
resisted temptations to religious sentiments, resisted
persuations for ethnic or sectional sentiments, you
have remained a unifyer as every leader in a diverse
country should be.
And so we are going out with some of these lessons
which we have learnt quietly from you in the last for
He asked the President to forgive any of the outgoing
ministers who might have offended him.
“But Mr. President in the last four years and know
that in several respects a lot of us would have done
things that you didn’t approve of but because of your
kind of personality, you may not feel like telling us
and you may not never tell us maybe in your
memiors one day if you choose to vouch.”
“But let me say that in any ways we have fell short of
your vision for us, expectations in the execution of
our public duties, we seek your forgiveness,
sincerely. I want to assure you that that would not
have come intentionally for those of us who truly
believe in you.”
“But we know we are human beings we must have
offended you, sir, we seek your forgiveness, your
understanding wherever we have failed you in the
discharge of these duties.”
“One of the difficulties we have had as a government
is that people outside hardly believe in you so if
those of us inside do not believe in you, others are
always attacking you inspite of the things you are
doing. It is my hope and prayer that as we go out that
we will remember that once we have come to this
level of trust, it is expected of us to return home and
do better for you than we are doing now to find
ourselves in the future.”
“Finally, the challenges Mr. President faces, the
challenges of national unity, terrorism, distraction
within the Nigerian federation because of the
dysfunctional nature of ruling class here and
challenges of our divisiveness where we quarrel even
when our nation ought to be together, when we
quarrel even when we have best opportunity to build
a nation. If those challenges were not brought on you
after the 2011 elections, today Nigeria would have
been playing at a very high league with Brazil and

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Go keshi

Coach Stephen Keshi has lost the battle to stay on as Nigeria’s
national team coach as the Nigeria Football Federation early
Thursday morning relived him of the job despite the 3-1 win
over Sudan on Wednesday.
Keshi’s backroom staffs, including assistant coaches; Daniel
Amokachi and Ike Shorunmu, were also shown the exit door.
As contained in the communiqué issued after a meeting of the
executive committee of the NFF, a consortium of coaches will
lead the Super Eagles for ONLY the two concluding matches of
the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying series (against
Congo in Brazzaville and against South Africa in Uyo), after
which an expatriate coach will be appointed.
The consortium, led by Amodu Shaibu, also has Salisu Yusuf,
Gbenga Ogunbote and Aloysius Agu. The team also has a new
Coordinator in former international Garba Lawal, while Toyin
Ibitoye is the new Media Officer and Godfirst Chike, the new
Equipment Manager. Team Secretary, Enebi Achor, is retained.
The NFF thanked Keshi and his assistants for thier services to
the country and promised to pay them all owed monies within
the next fortnight.
The NFF,in recognition of the coaches’ ontributions to the
Nigerian game, also approved that the trio of Keshi, Amokachi
and Shorounmu should proceed to any coaching course of their
choice in any country of their choice to build their capacity.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

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most dreaded thieves

There are numerous famous thieves in
history and they own their fame to the
imagination of folk people who transformed
them into legends, mostly after death. Few of
the famous thieves that also became heroic
outlaws, were really as important, as
spiritual, or as handsome as the media and
stories has made them. In fact, some are not
even real! Here is the list of 10 of the most
famous thieves in history:
1. Dismas and
I bet you have no idea who they are. Yet,
they are two most famous thieves in the
history of the human kind: They are the two
thieves who were crucified with Jesus, one
on the right, the other on the left. One of the
two outlaws (Dismas) asked for forgiveness
and it was granted to him, while the other
was a disbeliever and he rejected Jesus, thus
ending in hell.
2. Prometheus
According to mythology, Prometheus, the
Titan, stole the fire from the gods and
brought it to humans, thus being the one
who made it possible for us to eat French
fries and steak instead of raw food, for which
we should thank him every single day. For
this evil deed, he received a harsh
punishment, being sentenced by Zeus to be
bound to a large stone, while an eagle ate his
liver piece by piece every day.
3. Robin Hood
One of the most famous thieves in the world,
if not the most famous of all is Robin Hood.
Part of the English folklore, his existence
was never proved and it is most probably,
plain fictional (so disappointing!). The story
of Robin Hood and the Merry Men is very
old, dating from the 13 century, but it still
captures the attention of readers and movies
about Robin hood still bring lots of money
to producers!
4. Blackbeard
Now here is a thief who was as famous as
Robin but he was also real. Edward Teach,
on his real name, was a fierce pirate, known
for his scary appearance and for his beard
(thus the name). He lived as a proscribe and
died fighting against soldiers sent by the
governor of Virginia to kill him, when he
was in his 30s. Blackbeard was also granted
pardon once, but he returned on the sea and
to wrongdoing soon after.
5. Jesse James
This American robber did it all: trains, banks,
stagecoaches, nothing was safe when Jesse
James was around! Former guerilla fighter
during the civil war, he and his brother,
Frank, together with the Young borthers
formed a band which was feared in the entire
South. However, he remained in history as a
heroic bandit and his legacy (though
distorted) continues to this day.
6. “Babyface”
Nelson (1908-1934)
Babyface Nelson did not wait to become an
adult in order to start stealing cars: By the
age of 14, he was already an expert in the
field. His nickname was justified by his
youthful look and by his small height.
Apparently, he is also known as the
American citizen who killed the most FBI
agents ever.
7. Bonnie (1910
-1934) and Clyde
The young criminal couple is known for
having committed bank robberies, murders
and all sorts of crimes in their short career.
They were famous in life and became a
legend after death, both for their crimes and
for their sensuality, as their released
photographs show the image of a couple who
was obviously in love with each other,
posing playfully with their guns . These
images,which were found by the police after
they were forced to run with nothing but the
cloths they were wearing, were pretty
shocking, and contributed to the notoriety of
the unusual couple.
8. Ma Barker
One of the most unusual, yet famous thieves
of all time is Ma Barker. Not only was Ma a
fierce criminal herself, but she was the
mother of a whole bunch of bandits who
formed the Barker gang. At least that is what
FBI wants us to believe. Some other sources
believe that she was only an old lady who
knew about her sons’ criminal robberies but
never interfered. Apparently, she did not
have the will or the intelligence to do so.
Alvin Karpis, the partner of her sons said that
“It wouldn’t have occurred to her to get
involved in our business, and we always
made a point of only discussing our scores
when Ma wasn’t around. We’d leave her at
home when we were arranging a job, or we’d
send her to a movie. Ma saw a lot of movies”.
Apparently, the myth of her being the
mastermind behind the gang’s crimes was
encouraged by the FBI, after having killed
her with no reason.
9. Dick Turpin
When you ask an Englishman to name the
most famous English bandit, they all say
“Dick Turpin”. He was merely a horse thief
first, and then became a murderer as well. His
alleged brilliant criminal career was only the
fabrication of an author, William Harrison
Ainsworth, who created the Dick Turpin’s
myth from scratch. In reality, he was nothing
more than a common thief and not the
dashing gentleman thief, riding on a super-
horse called Black Bess and , most
significant of all, there was no ride from
Essex to York in the course of one night, on
this horse.
10. François Villon
François Villon is a French thief,famous for
him being also a poet. Apparently, he was
well seen at the court, and the duke of
Orleans, an admirer of his poems, stood up
for him every time he committed a new
burglary. One of the most famous thieves in
the history of France, François Villon was
pardoned many times, but he could not lead
a normal life and commited a new burglary
or crime as soon as he was set free. For the
last of his crimes, Villon was sentenced to be
hanged but once again, he succeeded to
cheat death, was released and only sent into
a 10 years exile. Nothing is known of him
since then.
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ekiti bruhaha

The political crisis in Ekiti State has heightened with the Governor-elect, Ayo Foyose, calling on the residents of Ekiti State to ignore the curfew imposed by the outgoing Governor Kayode Fayemi.

Ayo Fayose, who arrived in Ado Ekiti on Tuesday afternoon amid jubilation by his numerous supporters, made the call while featuring on a live radio and television interview on NTA.

The outgoing Governor Fayemi had on September 26  said: “there would be no movement between the hours of 7pm   and 7am every day till further notice.”

Fayemi also explained that the curfew was necessitated by the widespread violence that greeted the murder of a former Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, Mr. Omolafe Aderiye, by gunmen.

During the interview, the Governor-elect said residents should go about their normal business because the curfew had brought untold hardship to them.

Ayo Fayose said:  “It is unfortunate that people have been put under needless pressure and I have discussed with the police and the army on the need to let people move around freely.”

“I have spoken with the security agencies on the need to allow people to move freely. As from today, I have released people to go about freely. There is no more curfew.

“No security agent will arrest you. Anyone who is harassed or arrested should call me.”

He also gave out a mobile line that people could call him on to secure their release if arrested. The Governor-elect who promised to personally seek the release of anyone arrested by law enforcement agencies, also likened the alleged last-minute efforts by the APC and the Ekiti-11 to stop his October 16 inauguration.

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Female circumcision: A mother saying no

The royal family of Olaoye in Ushi-Ekiti and the Oyenekan family are at loggerheads over the circumcision of a 5 years old girl, Sunnewsonline reports..

Against the back ground of a child Rights Law that guides against harmful cultural practices on children in Ekiti State, two families: the royal family of Olaoye in Ushi-Ekiti and the Oyenekan family are at loggerheads over the circum cision of a 5-year-old girl. The once rosy relationship between both families has now turned sour following a disagreement over the circumcision of their 5-year-old daughter, (name of baby withheld).

Miss Olufunke Oyenekan, mother of the 5-year old girl and fiancee to Mr. Emmanuel Olaoye, son of the Olaoyes, a royal family in Ushi-Ekiti, Ekiti State, had disagreed with the Olaoyes over their decision to perform the traditional circumcision rites on her daughter. The woman, sensing that her husband’s family wanted to perform the rites by all means, fled with her child from the Olaoye’s family house in Ushi Ekiti in 2012 and her whereabouts has since remain unknown.

Recently, the Olaoye family again raised the alarm through a representative, identified as Chief Olu Olaoye over the sudden disappear­ance of Olufunke and her daughter. The family said that their son’s fiancee did not mean well for the family by preventing them from per­forming the circumcision rites on the child. Their explana tion is that it is a mandatory cultural practice to have all their children circumcised, moreso that theirs is a royal family whose duty it is to preserve the cultural heritage of the people of Ushi Ekiti in order to set an example for the people.

“She (Olufunke) is not helping us, neither is she helping our daughter she has taken away. There are certain cultural practices that we adhere to in our land, some are avoidable while others are not. This practice of circum­cision is part of the unavoid able ones. Olufunke cannot prevent us from carrying out cultural and traditional rites on our own blood. It is a must that we do the circumcision rites for the girl. Moreso, that the child is a princess, a daughter from the royal fami ly of Ushi Ekiti and possibly a future regent!.

“We have told them (Olu funke’s family) that they must ensure that they produce her because she cannot prevent us from performing our tradi tional duties. She must bring our daughter for the circum­cision rites, “ he said, fuming with anger.

Meanwhile, Olufunke has vowed not to allow anyone, even if it is her husband, to carry out any circumcision rites on her daughter. A mem ber of her family, who spoke to Sunday Sun on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the matter, said: “As for the Oyenekan family, we have no problem with whatever the Olaoye family wants to do with their daughter. In our part of the world, it is the man who owns the child and has the final say over him or her. But our daughter, Olufunke is more western-oriented than many of us. She has vowed not to allow any circumcision for her daughter. She says the practice might have an adverse effect on the girl in the future. We would have been able to intervene in the matter to ensure that peace reigns but right now, I can swear to you that we do not even know the whereabouts of Olufunke and her child. In fact, we learnt that her older son has also joined his mum where she was but we do not have any idea of where that is. There was a time she took refuge with their pastor in a church in Abeokuta. The pas tor assisted in getting the hu man rights group to intervene for peaceful resolution of the matter, but the fiance’ family became violent about the mat ter, they wanted to get their daughter by all means. We learnt that Olufunke narrowly escaped the attack on her and ran off with her daughter. We can only appeal to our in-laws to exercise patience on this issue till God makes Olufun ke to come back, right now, there is nothing anyone can do.”, the man said.

Speaking on phone to the Sunday Sun, Mr. Emmanuel Olaoye, fiancé to Olufunke, narrated how the trouble over the circumcision rites started, his words: “My fiancée, Olu funke Oyenekan and I met in February14,2006 and we love each other but haven’t mar ried legally. We were co-habit ting and eventually had two kids. A boy and a girl.

“Things went on smooth ly between us till I lost my father who was a traditional ruler in Ushi Ekiti, my home town. I received the message of the death of our royal fa ther and was told I had been picked as his successor. So, I went home for the burial rites and took my wife-to-be and our children with me, actually to ensure that my extended family get to know her. We travelled to Ushi Ekiti in Jan uary 1,2012.

“However, we didn’t know that a shocker was awaiting us at Ushi-Ekiti. My family demanded that we submit our children for circumcision rites.

Funke, my wife-to-be, didn’t like this arrangement at all. She didn’t particularly want our daughter, who was then two years and four months old to be circumcised as she said she didn’t like what she experience as a woman who was circumcised by her par ents when she was young.

“But my people won’t be persuaded to spare our daughter of the treatment because our tradition forbids any of our blood not being administered the circumci sion rites.

“My fiancée has since fled with our daughter since the disagreement in Ushi-Ekiti. As I’m going to succeed my late father as the traditional ruler of our town, it becomes more mandatory for my children to be circumcised. Here in our land, it is part of the prerequisites of a king-to-be to have all his children circumcised. We really do not have a choice here. But my fiancee sees the practice as barbaric and outdated. She won’t have any of it for our daughter. “

“That is why she ran away with our daughter. Our son has also joined her where she is. I want to be lieve her people arranged her escape and know her where abouts but they are claiming ignorance of it. We once heard she was in a pastor’s custody in one Bethel Love Church in Abeokuta, Ogun State. My people went there but she escaped from them and fled to an unknown place with the children and hasn’t been seen since then. I’m just confused about the whole development,

Source: sunnewsonline.

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